Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

How to use Catalyst-Hax Cheats for free


I successfully reversed the catalyst-hax loader and now all cheats are aviable for free without hardware-id checks. All hacks are fully working and customizable. In addition to that the PB and VAC bypasses of the cheats are untouched which means they work like are charm and all hacks you find here are currently undetected. The loader is still connecting to the Catalyst-hax network so all future updates are aviable for you even hacks for upcoming games! 


List Of All Supported Games + Cheats

Combat Arm
Counter Strike Source
Counter Strike Global Offensive
CoD 4 Modern Warfare
CoD 5 WaW
CoD 6 Modern Warfare 2
CoD 7 Black Ops
CoD 8 Modern Warfare 3
CoD9 Black Ops 2
CoD 10 Ghosts
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 2142
Battlefield Bad Company 2 + Vietnam
Battlefield Play4Free
Battlefield 3
Battlefield 4
Medal Of Hono
Project Blackout

=> Diamond hacks are more advanced than the Platinium once. This means they inclued strong features like nospread, autowall or aim assistance.

How To Use Them
in 8 easy steps

1) Download the Cracked Loader from the download link below
2) Get the list with the name-password combinations. (for further information read the readme.txt)
3) Start the launcher and let it update your client software
4) Login to the client with one of the names + password
5) Choose the cheat you want to use (here you see that every hack is available)
6) Launch the matched game
7) Press F8 for the ingame menu in order to configure ur hack (arrow keys to move inside the menu)
8) Have fun! :)

Ingame Screenshots From Different Games


Click on the picture or use the link below: